Special Features

Smart Class

Technology-enabled education is peeping deep into the classrooms, paving a way to smart-education. The concept of smart classrooms has arrived at the forefront with the integration of advanced hardware and innovative software technology to enhance the way of teaching and to keep a check on students learning.


Each class room is equipped with a repository of world class E – learning modules aligned with the CBSE curriculum. The digitalized classrooms are provided with interactive whiteboard. These enhanced learning spaces provide 3 D experience which integrates curriculum with technology, thus helping in sharpening the analytical faculties of students

Computer Lab


The school has 2 state of the art laboratories to urge the students into the foray of advanced computer skills. The students are initiated to a host of integral tools assisting the overall learning process under the guidance of a mentor. All the computers are equipped with updated software and advanced technical aids to learn programming, web designing, and app-development to hone critical and analytical skills. Lifestyle.
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hostel is a form of low-cost, short-term shared sociable lording where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed in a dormitory, with shared use of a lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex and have private or shared bathrooms. Private rooms may also be available, but the property must offer dormitories to be considered a hostel. Hostels are popular forms of lodging for backpackers, cycle tourists, and gap year  travelers. They are part of the sharing economy. Benefits of hostels include lower costs and opportunities to meet people from all over the world, find travel partners, and share travel ideas.



cafeteria, sometimes called a canteen outside the U.S., is a type of food serves  location in which there is little or no waiting staff table service, whether a restaurant or within an institution such as a large office building or school; a school dining location is also referred to as a dining hall or lunchroom in American English). Cafeterias are different from coffeehouse, although the English term came from Latin American Spanish, where it had and still has the meaning “coffeehouse”.

Transportation  Facility

School transport is an essential part of the infrastructural features offered by a  Crystal Knowledge Academy. It assumes a basic job in crossing over any geographical barrier between the area of the school and the area of the residence (in case they are living outside the school hostel facility) of the students by offering compelling (secured) transportation facility. The vast majority of the youngsters rely upon school transport for their daily commute to the school. Henceforth, appropriate help and refreshed technological updates accessible with the transports are an absolute necessity. 

Sports and Games

Sports and Games are essential for both physical and mental of the students. Moreover, it increases the immunity of the person. As it increases the blood flow in body and makes it adaptable for exertion. The main difference between a sport and a game is, we can play games both indoors and outdoors. But we can only play sports outdoors. Furthermore, there are various advantages to sports and games.