Rules and Regulations

• Attendance of the students is recorded daily. 90% attendance is a must for appearing in the final examinations. But special provision can be granted to students with a prolonged illness. For this, a medical certificate must be produced before the student returns to school. Also, students must submit letters of absence to their class teacher before they resume their classes. The letter should clearly state the reason(s) for absence with signature of parents/guardians. Students who are absent for more than 15 consecutive days without information are subject to expulsion from the school.

• Students must enter and leave the school on scheduled time.

• No student will be allowed to enter the school compound without proper uniform.

• Students will be entirely responsible for any damage caused to the property of the school.

• No student will be allowed to be involved in any group activities in any around the institution.

• Growing long hair (for boys only), wearing fancy watches, belts (except school belt), growing long nails, heavy cosmetics, ornaments, jewelry, fancy expensive items, and carrying walk-man, video games, pager, mobile phone and other gaudy items are strictly prohibited.

• Students are not allowed to bring printed materials like periodical magazines, pictures, newspapers and non-textual books.

• Insubordination or sexual misconduct will be sufficient reason for expulsion.

• Students are expected to enter the school 10 minutes before the classes start.

• Each and every student is informed not to go outside the school for whatever reasons during class time without permission.

• No one can go outside the classroom without the permission of class teacher and subject teacher.

• Students (both girls & boys) should not bleach their hair. Those with bleached hair will not be permitted to enter the school.

• Any student showing any aggressive behavior towards any teachers will be expelled from the school.

• Students reprimanded by the police for any criminal act will be expelled from the School.

• Students found carrying weapons along with them will also be expelled from the School.

• Students are not allowed to go to the cafeteria during class hours.

• Students must not enter any public places of recreation e.g. theater, cinema, restaurant etc in school uniform.

• In case of emergency, students can use the school telephone and parents/guardians, relatives and friends can also contact the students.

• Except for parents and guardians, no other persons are allowed to meet the students during school hours.

• Without convincing reasons, absentees during school days and terminal examination days will be charged Rs. 25 per day and Rs. 100 per subject respectively. The collected amount will be provided as scholarship for meritorious or disabled students.

• In winter, students must wear the winter uniform.

 Students should strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • Talking loudly and making noise on the bus is prohibited.
  • Leaning out and putting one’s hand out of the window is not allowed.
  • Eating is not allowed on the bus.
  • When leaving or approaching the bus, students ought to look in both directions.
  • They should be careful while boarding or alighting from the bus.
  • Follow the direction of the teachers, bus monitors and drivers.
  • Throwing objects out of the window is not allowed.
  • All other general school rules apply.

Misbehavior on the bus may lead to suspension of transportation privileges.

    • The school provides transport facilities only to those who opt for it. It is not mandatory to avail the bus services. The school tries its level best to cater to the needs of the children. However, it is unable to fulfill its commitments in circumstances beyond its control. In case of unforeseen circumstances like public demonstrations and severe traffic dislocation, parents should come to the school to collect their wards. They are requested to bear with the delays caused by break-downs or other mechanical problems.
    • The school will remain closed on days when there is a total Bandh and there is no transport on the roads. The school will remain open on days when there is a partial transport strike affecting public bus and minibus service only. On such days, parents/guardians are expected to make their own arrangement to bring their children to school and take them back after the classes are over.
  • Annual charges are paid only once a year. Every student is charged an Annual Fee at the beginning of an academic session in lieu of the services the school provides for the entire year. This fee is charged every year to meet the expenses for the services, maintenance and repairing for a period of one whole  year.
  • Admission Fee is paid at the time of Admission only. It is charged only once during a student’s association with the school. This fee is charged to a new student at the time of admission and is non-refundable.
  • All fees are charged for the full session.
  • Residency fees is charged every month. This is charged for twelve months. All fees are payable in advance.
  • Fees are to be paid in advance by the 10th of each month. Late fee is charged if fees are not paid in time and discount facility is available.
  • No reduction is made in any kind of fees for a short or extended absence.
  • Any student wishing to join or withdraw in the middle of a session will have to pay the charges for the whole year.
  • There shall be no refund of any fees at any circumstances.
  • Parents wishing to withdraw their wards from the school bus facility during the year will have to pay the fees for the same for the whole year.
  • There shall be no refund of any fees (Not even when a student is suspended or expelled from the school).

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